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B-Epic is a business that can fit your life and needs. It’s fast and easy to start, and no experience is required. Plus, you can work when and where you want.
Our easy-to-follow business system is 100% cloud-based, so you have no inventory to worry about and don’t have to do any shipping or collecting payments. Customers simply order online via your B-Epic website, and we ship everything to them straight from our warehouse. And you get paid online each week!
Our products are great too and in demand. They are the type of products most people want and use every day. Plus, they are made from research-based, natural ingredients and backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
So how do you get started? Click the link below to sign up as an Independent Brand Partner.


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*The Money-Back Guarantee is available only on regular size, single unit product purchases. Sample size, product packs (e.g., Epic Pack and Epic Pack Plus), multi-unit purchases (e.g., Buy 2 Get 1 Free), Promos, and Limited Time Offers (LTOs) do not qualify.