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One-Month Supply

Boost Your ENERGY to new heights! Feel amazing and rejuvenated. Move away from sleepy and sluggish to revved up and ready to take the day head on! This pack includes a 30-day supply of ELEV8 advanced performance supplement (30 capsules).

Money Back Guarantee

Retail Price: $59.95


One-Month Supply

Burn FAT and LOSE WEIGHT naturally and effortlessly as you sleep! This pack includes a 30-day supply of ACCELER8 weight management and sleep combo (30 Restore capsules and 30 Sleep capsules).

Money Back Guarantee

Retail Price: $69.95

B-Epic Combo Packs

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One-Month Supply

One of our most popular product packs with our top supplements for a full month. It includes a 30-day supply of ELEV8 advanced performance supplement (30 capsules) and ACCELER8 weight management and sleep combo (30 Restore capsules and 30 Sleep capsules).

Retail Price: $99.95*


Two-Month Supply

The perfect pack if you’re looking to make a real healthy lifestyle change. It includes a 60-day supply of ELEV8, ACCELER8 (Restore and Sleep combo), and HYDR8 alkalizing water enhancer. PLUS, the complete B60 Challenge 60-day program, including daily workout videos, guide, and community.

Retail Price: $199.95*


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